Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design receives extraordinary support and guidance from its expert Board of Directors. From fiscal responsibility to programmatic excellence, the Board of Directors oversees and participates in the organization at all levels of involvement. Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design is deeply grateful for the dedication and ongoing support of each Director.
Timothy J. Flynn

Joseph Sheehan

Lee Rodgers
Lynne Anderson
Barbara Goodman
Alice Handelman
Terri Jacobson
Anjali Kamra
Lee Kaplan
Michael Kime
Sheila Burkett
Vicki Sauter
Helen Seeherman
Herbert Smith
Sarah Smith  

Cindy Kohlbry
Martin Lammert
Keith R.Manzer
Carrie Polk
Buzz Spector
Michael Weisbrod
Jeanne Wolfson
Congratulations to Alice Handelman for receiving the 2013 Honoree Award of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Jewish Aged!

Congratulations to Vicki Sauter for winning the UM President’s Award for University Citizenship!
“Receiving the award is a great honor, knowing that my passion for helping and getting involved is recognized means a lot, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.”

Congratulations to Buzz Spector for winning the 2013 College Arts Association Distinguished Teaching of Art Award!
(Buzz's) students and colleagues spoke of his engagement as a teacher, how he conveys a flow of energy, information, and concepts to them, describing him as “profound,” “inspiring,” and “a strong advocate” who is “personally committed to his students.”


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