Metals Studio
Have you ever wanted to create your own jewelry? Or cast a mold? Or maybe just experiment with the textures and maleability of precious metals? Whether you're looking for a useful skill or a hobby for your free time, our metals classes will introduce you to and refine your metals techniques, sensibilities and design language.

The Grand Center Metals Studio is state-of-the-art and is supervised by the current Metals Artist-in-Residence. Sign up for a class today and learn the fundamentals of shaping, cutting, connecting and constructing metal designs, objects and materials.

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Clay--Delmar Loop
Clay--Grand Center
Glass--Delmar Loop
Metal--Delmar Loop
Fiber--Delmar Loop
Fiber--Grand Center
Wood--Grand Center
2-D--Delmar Loop
Graphics--Grand Center
Children--Delmar Loop
Children--Grand Center
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