March 9-April 22, 2012

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 9, 6-8pm

"Untitled" by Rachel Akin

"Untitled" by Rachel Akin

"Pegasus" by Dan Anderson

"Don't Touch" by Cathy Barancik

"Spouting Off" by Cathy Barancik

"Mini 1" by L. G. Barnes

"Mini 2" by L. G. Barnes

"Tall Teapot" by L. G. Barnes

"Captain Salty" by Dan Barnett

"Mesh Tea" by Lanny Bergner

"CIB" by Laurie Blaes

"Remnants" by Laurie Blaes

"Untitled" by Sue Bostwick

"Untitled" by Joe Bova

"Untitled" by Nancy Gardner and Burt Isestein

"Untitled" by Nancy Gardner and Burt Isestein

"James, The Devil and Brown Betty" by Pattie Chalmers

"Untitled" by Fong Choo

"Untitled" by Fong Choo

"Angel" by Sam Chung

"Knot a Teapot" by Anne Coddington Rast

"Peek-a-Boo Tea Kettle" by Anne Coddington Rast

"Untitled" by Charity Davis Woodward

"Magnolia Tree Tea Set" by Eileen Doughty

"Maple Tea" by Eileen Doughty

"Mo's Delight" by David Ellsworth

"It's Always with Me" by Susan Taylor Glasgow

"Living In It" by Susan Taylor Glasgow

"Teapot" by Eric Hoefer

"Untitled" by Dixie Biggs

"Untitled" by John Jordan

"Untitled" by John Jordan

"Untitled" by Yukari Kashihara

"Pair of Elephants" by Yukari Kasihara

"Tea Waves" by Michael Kehs

"Olive Teapot" by Kliss Glass

"Budda Teapot" by Janice Kluge

"Heart Chakra Teapot" by Janice Kluge

"Untitled" by Lee Edbing

"Untitled" by Lee Edbing

"Untitled" by Qun Liu

"Secret of Tea" by Qun Liu

"Untitled" by Blair Meerfield

"Untitled" by Blair Meerfield

"Blow" by Carold Milne

"Cock-a-doodle-doo" by Carol Milne

"Heart Teapot: Internal Combustion" by Richard Notkin

"Untitled" by Michael Parrett

"Ubuntu" by Ruth Ann Reese

"Untitled" by Robert Adams

"On the Go" by Robert Adams

"Stacked Elephant Teapot" Sylvie Rosenthal

"Same-Old-Teapot" by Yoko Senkino-Bovo

"Peace Teapot" by Eric Serritella

"Triangle Teapot" by Eric Serritella

"Teapot: Solid Handle" by Yael Shomroni

"Teapot: Wire Handle" by Yael Shomroni

"Aunt Lydia's Teapot 3 Print" by Jo Stealey

"Woodland and Teapot Print" by Jo Stealey

"Blue Teapot" by Roy Strassberg

"Wire Teapot" by Roy Strassberg

"Georgia" by Randy Stromsoe

"Milk and Tea" by Randy Stromsoe

"Teapot" by Loring Taoka

"Hot Tea" by Curt Theobald

"Teapot 2" by Curt Theobald

"Best Wishes" by Vicki Weaver

"Fat Bark" by Vicki Weaver

"Licorice Vanilla" by Miriam Wiegand

"Minty Licorice" by Miriam Wiegand


J. Malcolm Owen & Mary Ann Spavins Owen

J. Malcolm Owen & Mary Ann Spavins Owen

"Teapot 1" by Wendy Yothers

"Teapot 2" by Wendy Yothers

An invitational exhibition of innovative teapots made of clay, metal, glass and fiber. The teapot shape has been investigated by artists for centuries, challenging both the functional and non-functional concept of the form. Over 50 artists have been invited to continue this exploration in Hot Tea, the 13th Biennial exhibit celebrating the teapot and its various artistic configurations.

Opening Concurrently in the Charak Gallery: High School Teapot Exhibition
sponsored in part by
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