Have you ever wanted to know what inspires an artist? To be able to go inside their head as they develop the idea for their latest creation? To ask the artist questions about the design process? To watch the artist create as the piece comes to life?

You can find the answers to these questions and more when Inside the Artist's Studio takes you into the studios of visual artists. Via interactive videoconferences, web streamed programs, and broadcast television, Inside the Artist's Studio links student and adult audiences to professional artists working with Craft Alliance of St. Louis. Increase your understanding of the design and creation process, flex your critical thinking skills, and compare your work as an artist to these professionals.
Inside the Artist's Studio
Inside the Artist’s Studio is a free, standards-based, distance-learning education project designed to connect artists from Missouri to students across Missouri. Funded through support provide by Missouri Arts Council and the School District of Clayton, Missouri, the project is structured to provide student learning across the artistic disciplines of dance, music, theatre and visual arts. Each program will be offered live during the school day via videoconferences, Internet web streaming and broadcast programming.

Inside the Artist's Studio - Woodworking with Matt Keim, March 8, 2011

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