Create Your DonorView Profile Account

To create a DonorView account, your profile, uses the email address associated with your Craft Alliance membership. Please see the detailed instructions below.​

start now

Step 1

Click the button below to navigate to the Welcome page

Make sure to use the sign up button, not the sign in button.

Step 2

Fill out your information

Remember to use the primary email address and first and last name listed in your Craft Alliance record. This is so that we can match your existing membership to your DonorView account.

If you are not a member, use whatever information you prefer.

Questions about your record? contact our Development Manager, Caitlyn Lawler:, 314.725.1177 x 333.

Step 3

Enter the password you wish to use.

Check the CAPTCHA box, and click Sign Up.

donorview portal confirmation email example image

Step 4

The software will send a confirmation email to you.

You will need to confirm your account by clicking the link.

You're In!​

Once you confirm, your portal gives you access to manage and renew your membership, sign up for events and more!

Access your portal to manage and renew your membership, view the member directory, sign up for events and more!