Dear Craft Alliance community,

In light of recent concerns raised regarding Brew Tulum, we at Craft Alliance wish to reassure our valued staff, faculty, students, patrons, and community members that your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We want to provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone to unleash their creativity.

Upon learning of the initial news, we promptly conducted thorough lead tests within our building, and we are relieved to report that all results were negative. We understand the gravity of lead poisoning and its potential risks, and we are committed to transparency in addressing any concerns.

Our commitment to a safe space extends beyond words. During the renovation of our building, we took extensive measures to mitigate any potential issues. The building underwent a comprehensive overhaul, including removing old materials, remodeling, and a fresh coat of paint. This meticulous process was designed to seal any remnants of previous paint, ensuring a clean and secure environment.

Furthermore, we replaced all water pipes, eliminating the possibility of lead contamination through tap water. Our external and internal plumbing system is entirely new, adhering to the highest safety standards. Additionally, our HVAC system is modern and completely free from internal ductwork, venting directly outside, thus further minimizing any potential risks.

We were disheartened to hear about the concerns raised by Brew Tulum, and we regret the departure of our neighbors in the Maker District. Brew Tulum held a special place in our community, and many of our team members cherished their visits. While their departure saddens us, we look forward to welcoming new food purveyors into the district and continuing to foster a vibrant and thriving community.

Craft Alliance remains committed to the well-being of our community members and will continue to uphold the highest standards to ensure a safe and conducive space for creativity.


Bryan Knicely
Executive Director, Craft Alliance