Crafting a Future

Craft Alliance’s Crafting a Future program is a unique and comprehensive mentoring program designed to provide intensive education in craft media to high school students.

Crafting a Future focuses on developing concepts and techniques in the field of contemporary craft. Professional artists will guide students and work in studios to create a body of work, preparing them for post-secondary education. Students will connect with nationally and internationally recognized artists and their peers through exhibitions, lectures, and guest artist workshops.

Craft is a form of art that emphasizes using materials, techniques, and processes to create functional, expressive, or decorative objects. It includes various disciplines such as ceramics, glass, metalwork, fiber and textiles, woodworking, and print and paper arts. Students use traditional and non-traditional materials, pushing boundaries to create unique and thought-provoking pieces.

“Craft Alliance is a place where they [CAF students] can see people just like them, but the heart, soul, and talents that these kids have are so aligned with that its just a beautiful thing. You can’t make that up. We need more of that in the world. Everyone needs a place to belong.”


Crafting a Future

“This program is not just about developing confidence in their ability. To create art is one thing, but my teen has been on a path of figuring out who they are. This is such a pivotal moment in these kids’s lives. These days-these teenage years-are so, so impactful. Having Craft Alliance, the support of all the teachers, a caring community, it’s wonderful.”


Crafting a Future

“One thing that amazes me about Crafting A Future is my child is around kids who may have more talents or more experience than she has in certain things, but yet she doesn’t feel less than. It just amazes me. The kids celebrate with each other. There is encouragement without competition…What I see is each kid gets encouraged and supported but not compared.”


Crafting a Future

Benefits of the Crafting-A-Future Program

Intensive education and hands-on experience in contemporary craft.

Guidance and mentorship from professional artists, enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills

Opportunities to exhibit and showcase work and build connections with prominent artists and peers

Access to materials and supplies, studio space, and rental tools and materials for use at home.

Returning Crafting a Future participants will receive a complimentary Friend Membership to Craft Alliance and one free class or workshop.

Support in developing professional skills and portfolio development support for college applications.

Join the Crafting A Future Cohort

Admittance to Crafting a Future is by application only. Applications open in April and close in July. Cohorts run from September - May each year. Generous donors and sponsors support this program, which is free for participants. Students can participate for multiple years, expanding their skills in their chosen medium.

Successful Applicants

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